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                  • 主題語境4:多元文化
                    Part 1 激活·素養要求Part 2 積累·晨讀素材熱詞快記(一)中華文化papercutting 剪紙kite 風箏calligraphy 書法A Dream of Red Mansions 《紅樓夢》Journey to the West 《西游記》cross-talk 相聲wushu/Chinese martial arts 武術the Palace Museum 故宮博物院papermaking 造紙術gunpowder 火藥compass 指南針printing te
                  • 主題語境3:周圍的環境
                    Part 1 激活·素養要求Part 2 積累·晨讀素材Ⅰ. 熱詞快記apartment 公寓market 市場countryside 農村street 街道home 家construction 建筑;建造物enter v. 進入entrance n. 入口exit 出口pedestrian 行人cyclist 騎自行車的人zebra crossing 斑馬線driver 司機drunk driving 醉駕expand 擴展surround 包圍;圍繞argue 爭辯kn
                  • 議論文閱讀
                    Task 1題材:偉人品質 文章詞數:400 難度:★★★★ 建議用時:7分鐘After years of observing human nature, I have decided that two qualities make the difference between men of great achievement and men of average performance curiosity and discontent. I have never known an outstanding man who lack
                  • Every day is a new day 每一天都是全新的開始
                    Every day is a new day and a fresh start to learn, grow, develop your strengths, heal yourself from past regrets or hurts, and move forward older and wiser. Every day gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, to fine-tune who you are, and build on lessons of what you have learned. It is never to
                  • What matters for sea otters’ prey perception 海獺靠什么感知獵物
                    在漆黑而嘈雜的海底世界,海洋哺乳動物海獺卻可以非常迅速地捕捉獵物,它們依靠的是什么呢?Sea otters are pretty small compared to other marine mammals(哺乳動物), which means that, despite their fur coats, they tend to lose heat quickly, and need lots of energy to keep up their body temperature.“So
                  • 重返工作的時代
                    如今,對于許多退休人員來說,退休并非愉快之事,因為離開工作崗位后他們頓失精神寄托。雖說他們在家中可以干些自己喜歡的事情,但總有一種揮之不去的寂寞和空虛,于是許多退休人員不甘虛度晚年,紛紛重新走向社會,開始新的工作。Workers are returning to their careers, or starting new ones, after age 65.More than
                  • 主題語境5:學校生活
                    在我認識的人當中,也許沒有一個人比我的英語老師張老師更值得我尊敬。3. So precious is time that we can't afford to waste it.
                  • Book therapy: An old idea finds new life 書療:破除舊觀念,重獲新生
                    偵探形象薇拉和吉米·佩雷斯的創造者、犯罪小說作家安·克利芙絲聯合公共健康團隊,共同發起了一項閱讀治療計劃。該計劃旨在通過閱讀幫助那些長期患有精神疾病的患者。The library of Pharaoh Ramesses Ⅱ is said to have borne the inscription(題詞) “the house of healing for the soul”. Dylan Thomas reportedly l
                  • 主題語境1:個人情況
                    Part 1 激活·素養要求Part 2 積累·晨讀素材Ⅰ. 熱詞快記(一)外貌特征blank 無表情的facial 面部的handsome 英俊的;帥的pale 蒼白的;灰白的pretty 漂亮的;動人的slim 苗條的elegant 優雅的overweight 超重的(二)性格及特征quality 品質aggressive 好斗的;侵略的ambitious 有雄心壯志的confident 自信的considerate 體貼
                  • 探究1:事實細節題命題解讀及備考策略
                  • 四小伙救人記
                    兄弟兩人在大霧天游泳,差點溺水而亡,幸虧有四名沖浪者聽見了他們的呼救并及時救出了兄弟倆。About 50 feet from shore, two brothers were fighting for their lives. They had been swept out to sea, their mouths barely able to stay above the water. Thick fog made it difficult for beachgoers to see the guys,
                  • 書面表達熱點話題預測:人與社會(一)
                    假定你是李華,請用英語寫一篇中國當代電影影評,進行推薦。內容包括:1. 確定電影并描述概況;2. 內容主旨;3. 推薦觀看。
                  • 事實細節題
                    Task 1Looking for the most popular summer programs for high school students this year? Look no further. We reviewed all summer programs for high school students listed on TeenLife and selected the top programs with the most page views on our website.Cambridge Scholars' ProgrammeGrades: 10th, 11th,
                  • 推理判斷題
                    Task 1On Sept. 21 in Mount Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania, a residence was burning with a girl trapped on the second story. Elijah Hale, a volunteer firefighter since his early teenage years, was able to be on the scene before other first responders got there, and his head start saved the life
                  • 主旨大意題
                    Task 1Passers-by can see a fridge by a sidewalk in a corner of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn. It hums quietly —indicating it's working, and not abandoned. The fridge is painted purple and sports a face with arched green eyebrows and a playful curl down its forehead. Beneath the face is a written message: “
                  • 探究1:記敘文命題解讀和解題策略
                  • 參考答案
                    同源高考世界各地的新年節日Reading Check1~4  ACBDLanguage StudyIt is thought to be lucky to wear a flower in this area.J.K.羅琳的新書Reading Check1~4 BCBCLanguage Study羅琳一直在邀請全世界7到12歲的孩子們來畫畫,這些插畫作品可能會在定于2020年11月出版的印刷書中出現。太空大學計劃應對健康危機Readin
                  • 非凡的攀登
                    殘疾女孩埃萊夫塞里婭一直夢想著登頂奧林匹斯山。長跑運動員馬里奧斯與其團隊準備了特制背包,背著女孩爬到了山頂,讓埃萊夫塞里婭成為第一個從奧林匹斯山山頂俯瞰希臘的殘疾人。Marios Giannakou had already climbed to the top of Mt. Olympus 50 times, but he says his 51st trip is his most memorable and meaningfu
                  • 探究2:說明文命題解讀和解題策略
                  • 玩家助力NASA繪制世界珊瑚礁地圖
                    美國國家航空航天局NASA呼吁玩家和感興趣的人通過玩一款名為NeMO-Net的電子游戲,幫助他們研究珊瑚種類和了解珊瑚分布,以此拯救瀕危的珊瑚。NASA invites video gamers and citizen scientists to embark on virtual ocean research expeditions to help map coral reefs around the world in an effort to better understa

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